Photo credit: Kelsey Gold Atmospheric. Ambient. Hip Hop. Words that perfectly describe Brooklyn-native, now Philly-based Hectic Zeniths‘ self-titled release. Crafting a “densely layered project,” musician Adam Morgan Prince created the anagram Hectic Zeniths from the German word ‘Zeitschtichten’ which means “layers of time”—which is apt for an album that is lovingly haunting through its layering of beautiful beats. What sticks out […]

Album Review: ambient hip hop: Hectic Zeniths, HECTIC ZENITHS

Derwin Panda, otherwise known as Gold Panda is a London-bred electronica producer. Though Lucky Shiner, his debut album released in 2010; the vinyl wasn’t released until Record Store Day this year, April 16th–which is when I actually bought it. Comprised of minimalist instrumentals with a few hip-hop influences, Lucky Shiner is an LP best consumed while in chill mode. Case […]

Record Store Day Purchase: Gold Panda, Lucky Shiner (Ghostly International/Notown)

Having produced tracks for indie artists such as Aesop Rock, Murs and Mike Ladd as well as being a part of the music collective Fun Action Committee, Blockhead’s latest project is an eclectic mix of mellow tunes culled from a wide array of jazz, funk, and obscure vocal samples. Most notably, his use of Fapardokly’s 1966 classic, “The Music Scene” […]

Blockhead, THE MUSIC SCENE album review |

Anyone for atmospheric indie-rock out of Chicago?? Formed in 2003 and calling themselves Pit Er Pat — after a painting by Chicago artist Jim Nutt, is a duo of musicians that blends downtempo grooves, gypsy nuances and a post-rock edge to make a surprisingly complex album. Comprised of classically trained pianist Fay Davis-Jeffers and drummer Butchy Fuego, Pit Er Pat’s […]

Pit Er Pat, THE FLEXIBLE ENTERTAINER album review at

Covering our 2nd anniversary party last Friday was a fun assignment for me, not only because of my brief introduction to DJ Rob Swift, who I’m a huge follower of, but it also introduced me to a host of talented artists. We had Venn Diagrams (modern-day cabaret) who opened, Apse (ambient rock band) who upped our energy levels, and then […]

Short and Sweet NYC Presents show review at The Knit, ...